Cape House | Home & Hospitality Boutique | Amelia Island, FL

A little over a month ago, we opened our doors at 4810 First Coast Highway as Lord & Lady. The response so far has been incredible – it’s been a pleasure to see new faces each day and hear your feedback affirming the look, feel, and offerings in-store. People are loving the concept just as much as we hoped when we envisioned it a little over a year ago in Cape Town, South Africa.

It was there that Lord & Lady began to transition from dream to plan, then plan to reality – where we decided to take the steps necessary to open a home and hospitality boutique that would set the table for meaningful relationships in the lives and homes of our customers. Here, we also fell in love with the name Lord & Lady; besides the fact that we loved saying it – we felt it elicited the exact feeling we hoped to capture in-store.

Since returning and opening on Amelia Island, we soon discovered that we weren’t the only ones who loved the name Lord & Lady, another business included (and many of you!). While we did work to coexist, we’ve come to the decision that the best thing for our future is to move forward with a new name: Cape House. Sure, despite all our planning, we didn’t see this coming. But, we know God did! We have prayed for wisdom and guidance as we embark in this new direction – and we are trusting his provision, excited and expectant to look back on the fruit of this season and say gratefully, “look what He has done!”

So, what does this change mean for you? Not a thing – besides falling in love with our new name, and continuing to follow our story at @shopcapehouse on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our clean, coastal look, and product offering – everything that makes a house a home – will remain the same. Our emphasis on customer experience and service will remain strong. And, the heart behind it all, a passion for meaningful relationships, will continue to inspire everything we do.

We appreciate all the support given so far – and hope it will only increase as we move forward with this new name. We can’t wait to share more! Stay tuned.